I hired Barry to coach me and my team. He is a man of clear vision and straight talk. Inspiring and direct, he’s not afraid to speak the truth into a situation or an individual and provides insight that takes his clients to the next level.

Will Worsham

The Worsham Law Firm


The core tenet of Barry’s life is…Making a Difference…..Where You Are…..For the People Depending on You.

He enlivens that vision first in his own family, then in equipping his team, contribution to his community, planting economic resources in impoverished places, and shining light where darkness would otherwise reign.

His major charity is Project HOPE, a ministry headquartered in Springfield but focusing its efforts in the nation of Nicaragua. Project HOPE began by building very simple, basic houses of tin, wood and concrete to replace the shelters of sticks and plastic that many Nicaraguans call home. To date they’ve built houses for 1000 families.

The ministry has grown to include:

  • An agriculture ministry teaching people to grow gardens to provide their own food.
  • A health ministry deploying a staff physician who trains community health workers to provide basic education, hygiene, and healthcare to people who don’t have simple pain relievers, the ability to take a temperature, or medicines to stop diarrhea.
  • Spiritual training through resourcing Nicaraguan pastors so they can equip their congregations through solid Bible teaching and understanding of the principles of right-thinking and abundant living enabling them to shine light into the Godless darkness that envelopes so many of their countrymen.
  • Evangelism through athletics, a ministry utilizing the The Ball of Many Colors to provide a visual illustration of the Bible’s message to soccer-crazed Nicaraguan youth, who are then invited to evening crusades where they are presented with the message of Jesus taught by native Nicaraguan pastors.

Barry travels to Managua two or three times a year to lead conferences encouraging and equipping pastors and mission staffers. For every house Barry’s companies buy, build or auction in the U.S., they make a financial contribution toward building homes for Nicaraguan families. Barry’s goal is to build homes for 100 Nicaraguan families.

Barry enjoys taking his friends, fans, and clients to experience Making a Difference for people who can’t do a thing for them in return. If you become involved in Barry’s work, contract him to speak, or become a coaching client you should prepare to be invited to join him on a trip to Nicaragua to either build, minister, teach, provide health-care, or even just to observe.