It's no surprise that Project Hope invites Barry Watts back year after year to host his Abundant Living conferences. The principles he teaches have stimulated our staff to break their chains of fear, empowered them to bloom, motivated them to rise to their internal destinies and connected them to new truths year after amazing year. Kim Bradley Project HOPE
Trustworthy...grounded...genuinely helpful. One of those people God purposely put in my way so that I could learn important lessons. Dr. John Hayes College of Business Marketing Gulf University for Science & Technology
Barry is a well spring of encouragement...a straight shooter and a man of great vision who truly lives out the philosophies of Abundant Living that he teaches. Scott Franklin Ozark Bank
Barry is inspirational. He has the ability to inspire, motivate, and unite large groups of people. Tim Herriage, President Herriage Homes
One of the most inspiring clients of my career...if you want straight shooting, REAL motivation added to the many facets of everyday living, call Barry. He's for real!   Jay Nicholson Money Music Incorporated

Welcome to Abundant Living

J. Barry Watts

J. Barry Watts

First thing Monday morning, how do you feel about life? Are you grateful or frustrated? Are you excited and energized, mastering your morning, seeing a giant YES! on the horizon? Or is it more like a slow motion saunter toward the finish line of a race that you didn't mean to start.*

Many people have good lives. They have a support system of family, friends or colleagues. They are fortunate to do a hard day's work and come home to a hot meal and a warm bed. Things are alright. They're just not nearly as exciting as you might want them to be. That show stopping, electrified, grin-plastered-across-your-face kind of joy seems destined for other people. You believe you deserve it, but reaching out and grabbing some of it for yourself seems unattainable.

You are indeed destined for greatness!

You have the potential to define what greatness means to you - and to live it every single day. Yet just like many other people who live good productive lives, it often takes a jolt to explode your snow globe of status quo and propel you into your very own Abundant Life. We developed the Abundant Living process to help people like you identify and achieve their pervasive internal YES! Let's get started…

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